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Gateau au chocolat



Want to learn to cook or perfect your culinary techniques? Then the gourmet workshop is the place for you!

Come alone or bring your family or friends for a shared experience in a relaxed atmosphere. At the end of the session you’ll enjoy a moment of togetherness at the table, with a delicious meal of the dishes you’ve prepared.

Atelier gourmand01.jpg
atelier gourmand_tendance ouest.jpg

99, avenue du Général Leclerc 
61000 Alençon 
T. 02 14 17 18 88


What could be more fascinating than finding out what nature still has to offer? 
As an expert in edible wild plants and flowers, Anne will show you you how to recognise and pick them, and reveal how to use their different flavours in both sweet and savoury cooking. 
These workshops are held in small groups in the heart of the Orne countryside.

Bourrache et coquelicot_01.jpg

61420 Fontenai-les-Louvets
T. 06 73 63 11 29

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