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What could be more pleasant than being able to combine the discovery of heritage

with bucolic breaks in beautiful parks or on the banks of a river? 
Often referred to as a “nature town”, Alençon invites you to linger in its many green spaces, with their varied charms, which encourage you to stroll and relax. You’ll see, we can relax and breathe here!


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After your stroll through the narrow streets of the historic centre, you’ll enjoy a break in the Parc des Promenades. Located behind the Town Hall and the Law Courts, this green haven is the oldest park in Alençon. Created in 1783,

it offers walkers a large French garden, with trees some of which are 100 years old, and a pretty square with rose gardens, aviaries, rockeries, a terrace and a gazebo. This park is a delight for all: children will find areas

where they can play football, as well as playgrounds and animal enclosures; adults can stroll in the sun, 
stop on a cottage terrace to enjoy a snack or an aperitif, not far from a fountain and a 19th century kiosk. In summer, it hosts events such as "Rendez-vous aux jardins", "Alençon Plage" and "Fête du sport", as well as an open-air cinema.


The imposing medieval walls of the Château des Ducs have contained prison cells since 1804.

After the closure of the prison in 2010, the city redeveloped the former prisoners’ outdoor exercise space into a park. in 2019, this new park was named after Simone Veil, a great French woman with an exceptional career and a symbol of unity and openness. Contemporary in its design, the Simone Veil Park offers the opportunity to enjoy a break in a peaceful haven on the banks of the Briante, with an outdoor playground to keep the children happy.


From the Simone Veil Park, you can access this small green space dedicated to the art of gardening by means

of a footbridge spanning the Briante River. Each plot is managed by a group of volunteers.


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The park was designed on an old neighbourhood where the Providence religious community resided

from 1859 to 2004. Located right next to the Notre-Dame Basilica, it has been designed in such a way as to make

the most of the century-old trees and the old buildings. Twenty-six bronze hands signing the 26 signs of

the dactylological alphabet recall that for nearly two centuries, the Providence establishment

in Rue Étoupée welcomed young people who were deaf and dumb.


In the grounds of the Maison d’Ozé, next to the Tourist Office, there is a small, quiet, flower-filled garden where you can kick back and relax. A few years ago, the Société d’Horticulture de l’Orne created a conservatory 
orchard which presents old varieties of fruit trees: Doyenné d’Alençon and Figue d’Alençon pear trees,Bon Père and red Calvi apple trees. The orchard is closed from mid-July to mid-October to protect the fruit crop.

If you wish to visit it, you can book this with a greeter at the Tourist Office reception.


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This pleasant walk allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of a sensitive natural area where the flooded meadows on the banks of the Sarthe have been preserved. As you walk along the Sarthe, you will see many houses with gardens and wash houses directly overlooking the river. Continue on your way to the Pont-Neuf and enjoy a snack or reading break on the benches and deckchairs!


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Take the time to visit the second largest park in Alençon and perfect your knowledge of trees. 
Built on a floodplain of the Sarthe, the Alençon Arboretum is home to 300 trees able to adapt to wetlands and flooding: oaks, ashes, liquidambars, poplars, sequoia and bald cypresses flourish in this suitable environment.


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This is a true green space reserved for relaxation and fun for children, with many games;

it is also ideal for anglers as it is situated on the banks of the Sarthe. From the park, you can go

for a walk along a path that runs alongside the river.


au Parc Joubert et au Parc de Cerisey, à Alençon
au Parc du Gué de Gesnes, à Arçonnay
à l’Arboretum du Chevain, à Le Chevain
au Parc de l’Éclat, à Lonrai


©M.A. Thierry, Normandie Tourisme

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